Toxyrad Gauge Kisai-7 by Sings-With-Spirits

A Toxyrad Gauge, also known as a Toxy-Rad Gauge or simply T-R Gauge, is a device that is worn on an appendage, much like a wristwatch on a human. It has three coloured lights on its face, along with a dial indicating the degree of danger present, based on environmental sampling:

  • The RED light indicates decreasing oxygen levels in the air surrounding the device.
  • The BLUE light indicates the presence of dangerous radioactivity.
  • The YELLOW light indicates that the device has detected the presence of a substance that is toxic to Humans, Dralasites, Vrusk or Yazirians.

It can be assumed that as more races join the UPF, T-R Gauges will be updated with the new race's toxic thresholds.

Due to its extreme utility in alien environments, T-R Gauges are commonly included in emergency survival packs.

Source: Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn

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