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The Universal Family Movement or UFM started as a dissident movement objecting to the despotic control of the Family of One. Under the leadership of theologians such as Stig Slayerian, it adopted a philosophy embracing a pantheist view of the universe and welcomes all beings into its fold.

A core tenet is that the divine oneness of the universe is all and in all, therefore, all beings are welcomed. In practice, it seeks to promote ethical lifestyles, peace, and positive action in its adherents.

The movement is small and dominated by yazirians. Usually forming small cadres in major cities these groups are lead by a shepherd and the members are called the flock. Some cadres, having charismatic leaders take on a strong anti-Family of One tone and have been suspected of terrorist activity against the Family of One.

The Family of One has responded with calls for the arrest and execution of key members so that all flocks everywhere have instituted some security measures. Naturally enough, the proposed executions are illegal in the Frontier but no one doubts, if any of these shepherds fell into the Family of One’s hands, what their fate would be.

The symbol of the Universal Family Movement is a small metal ring worn on a chain around the neck. The ring has bands of color to represent the core four races; green, gray, white and yellow.


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