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Venturi (in the background) with the moon Snobol and the Mining/Research Ship ByChem Moneyspider

Planet Type: Gas Giant
Moons: 20+
Diameter: 129,000 km[1]
Temperature: -180ºC (at top of atmosphere) to -50ºC (at top of liquid layer - see below).
Rotational Period (Day): 10 hours

Venturi is a gas giant planet in the Belnafaer system. This means that it is a massive, spherical cloud of gas which becomes denser and denser towards the center until it gradually becomes liquid and finally solid. Because of this, Venturi does not have a surface in the way that "rocky" planets do.

The outer atmosphere of the gas giant is composed mostly of hydrogen with some helium, methane, ammonia and traces of other compounds. These trace compounds include a number of very complex, unstable bio-chemicals which are highly valued as catalysts for industrial processes. The atmosphere is cloudy and very cold, swept by winds of up to 2,000 kph and frequently blasted by violent magnetic storms.

Venturi and its MoonsEdit

Venturi System 00


  1. Compare to Jupiter's diameter of 139,822 km

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