This is a hands-free version of the communicator built into a standard chronocom.[1] It lacks any timekeeping technology, and attaches to a standard pair of sungogles, magnigoggles, or Infra-red goggles. It has the same range as the chronocom (5km). Just like the chronocom, it has a standard identification number that can be given to others to enable them to “call” you.

To call another visocom or chronocom, simply touch a finger to the side of the boom mic/ear piece combination device, and clearly speak the identification number of the person you wish to call. It can also be put in a conference mode, where any number of visocoms and chronocoms can maintain an open channel for free communication among one another.

Visocoms are less expensive than their chronocom partners because they don’t keep track of time, are more obvious, and lack the micronization required to fit the technology into a wristwatch.

A visocom costs 50 credits.

Notes and References Edit

  1. First appeared in Star Frontiersman #1.

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