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The Zebulon Route

Volturnus is one of the two habitable planets in the Zebulon system, the other is Anker.

Planetary Data Edit

Moons: (2) Leo, (reddish-orange. Orbits in 3 days.) Lulu (bluish-silver. Orbits in 27 hours.)
Artificial Satellites: ASS
Gravity: 1.0013
Day: 24 hours, 3 minutes
Diameter: 12,895
Inclination: °
Atmosphere: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon
Climate Range: Hot, arid to humid
Average Surface Temperature: 25°C
% Water:
Trade: Business, Industry
Population: multiple Light

General NotesEdit

Volturnus is a multi-cultured planet full of adventure. The Eornic robots of old have evolved into today's Mechanons. The few Mechanons who remain on Volturnus are hostile toward organic life forms. Since it became a UPF system, the Mechanons have had many social upheavals, including the exodus that lead to the founding of Mechan.

Terrain/Climate Edit

Named after the Greek god of the southwest wind, Volturnus is a hot, dry world with many types of hostile terrain. The endless deserts, rugged mountains, volcanic wastes, and dangerous salt flats are constantly scoured by a strong southwesterly wind. Despite these harsh conditions, rare patches of forest and even a few lakes have managed to maintain a perilous existence.


Non-sentient Native Species: Army Rats, Cybodragon, Dropper, Funnel Worm, Land Whale, Magma Monster, Mechanon, Megasaurus, Mutating Fungus, Queequeg, Rasties, Roller, Sand Shark, Strangler Chutes, Tomar’s Horses, Winged Rippers,

Sentient Native Species: see Eornic Races


An Eorna escape/colonization ship landed on the lush planet in pre-Federation year 593. The life on the planet, however was incompatible with the Eorna physiology, lacking certain proteins they required. The Eorna then set about to leave a progeny of robots and began a program of robotic development which outlasted them when they became extinct on the planet in pf 588. This eventually led to the development of the first sentient Mechanon in pf 580.

The system was first discovered by the Frontier races when a human merchant misjumped to the system from Truane's Star in 113 pf. When he returned to Pale (Truane's Star) he sold the location to the government of Pale. The following year Pale launched a deep space probe to explore the system. In pf 110 pf, the MINER Corporation won the bid to develop the ore rich system for Pale.

In pf 109, though, the head of MINER, Hatzck Naar, was apparently kidnapped and murdered. MINER was liquidated as per his will, and all the records about the mining operation were lost due to the War of the Pales. In pf 91, Naar finally began his mining operation with the funds created from running guns to the HUSPs on New Pale. This became the base for his pirating operations and helped to build his fleet which began outright assaults on Prenglar and Cassidine in pf 79. When Naar's fleet was destroyed in pf 74, some 'support crew' were left stranded on the planet.

When the system was officially discovered in pf 46 by Professor Alorne Zebulon's mapping expedition, they discovered the empty towns and outposts which Naar's pirates had left behind. These habitats were quickly explored and settled.

The Mechanon's anti-biological life prejudices and the menace they represented first came to the attention of the UPF in Federation Year 65, during the Blue Plague. Because of the timing of this incident, it was not dealt with. The Mechanon Revolt occurred in FY 75. A full-scale war is avoided only through quick action on the part of Star Law. In FY84, the Mechanon civilization underwent an upheaval. The majority of peaceful Mechanons migrate into the undeveloped space between Scree Fron and Dixon's Star. In FY91 they discover the Mechan system.

The first Sathar move during the Second Sathar War was to swarm through the Xagyg Dust Nebula and attack Volturnus. New planet-wide battle tactics were used (such as massive use of diversionary seeded monsters and cybernetically controlled creatures). This was a feint to draw Spacefleet to the Zebulon system. Task Force Cassidine was dispatched to Zebulon. This feint was crushed in FY 96.6. The UPF then realized how vulnerable it was to land based attacks.

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